What is Silver Cord?

Silver Cord is a program that recognizes students for community service completed during their high school career. Students who complete at least 200 hours of community service during 9-12th grade are recognized and honored with a silver cord at graduation; 25 a year, 200 total

When does it start?

Students can begin logging hours for Silver Cord the summer after their 8th grade year. Hours must be completed and logged on official Silver Cord Verification forms, which can be found in the high school office. The deadline for Silver Cord hours to be turned in and counted is April 1st in the semester the student graduates.

Note: Students are asked to complete a minimum of 25 hours per year for Silver Cord. That means you can't (somehow) log 200 hours in your senior year and call it good. Start early!

What counts for Silver Cord hours?

Any non-paid service hours can count for Silver Cord hours unless you are counting those hours for another school activity's required service hours. For example, if you helped run a concession stand, you could count those hours for Silver Cord OR NHS, but not both.

Any service completed with out-of-school organizations needs to be approved by Mr. Eckert or Miss Krstulic.

How do I log hours?

There is a form in the high school office that students can fill out to document their Silver Cord hours. Additionally, you can print the form here. Completed forms should be turned in to Tara in the main office.