Scholarships with May deadlines


*DutchCrafters Heritage Scholarship- $500 due 5/1 *LM Scholarship- $500 due 5/1 *Odenza Vacations Scholarship- $500 due 5/1 * Annual Scholarship- $1,000 due 5/1 *Davila Scholarship- $1,350 due 5/1 *American Angus Auxiliary Scholarships- $1,500 due 5/1 *Save a Life Scholarship- $1,500 due 5/1 *Code Wizards HQ Educational Scholarship- $2,500 due 5/1 *PHCC Educational Foundation Scholarships- $2,500 due 5/1 *Rover Scholarship- $2,500 due 5/1 *ASHRAE High School Senior Scholarships- $3,000 due 5/1 *ACF Visionary Scholarship Program- $5,000 due 5/1 *Be Bold Scholarship- $25,050 due 5/1 *Paradigm Challenge Scholarship- $100,000 due 5/1 *Got a Spine Scholarship- $500 due 5/2 *Sing Us a Song Video Scholarship- $750 *Crossword Hobbyist Scholarship- $1,000 due 5/2 *Steps for Change Scholarship- $2,000 due 5/2 *There's Space for Everyone Scholarship- $3,000 due 5/2 *New Heights Scholarship- $1,000 due 5/4 *Thermo Fisher Scientific Antibody Scholarship- $10,000 due 5/4 *Eleven Scholarship- $5,000 due 5/5 *Scholarship for Working Students- $1,000 due 5/7 *Foundation for Your Future Scholarship- $2,500 due 5/11 *NAGE Scholarship- $500 due 5/13 *Brower Youth Award- $3,000 due 5/14 *Review It Scholarship- $1,000 due 5/15 *National Spanish Examination Scholarships- $2,000 due 5/15 *Trotter Project Scholarships- $10,000 due 5/15 *Jameela Jamil x I Weigh Scholarship- $5,000 due 5/18 *Cameron Impact Scholarship- $120,000 due 5/20 *Tom LoCasale Golf Scholarship- $1,000 due 5/28 *No Essay Smart Owl Scholarship- $7,000 due 5/29 *Irene Adler Prize- $1,000 due 5/30 *Lime Connect Pathways Scholarship- $1,000 due 5/30 *AuthenticID Scholarship- $25,000 due 5/30 *Cappex Scholarship- $1,000 due 5/31 *Done With Distracted Driving Scholarship- $1,000 due 5/31 *Equal Justice Scholarship- $1,000 due 5/31 *Feeding Tomorrow Freshman Scholarship- $1,000 due 5/31 *Healthy Communities Scholarship- $1,000 due 5/31 *Hospital Safety Awareness Scholarship- $1,000 due 5/31 *SmarterCollege Scholarship- $1,000 due 5/31 *The Starfish Scholarship- $1,000 due 5/31 *Triumph Over Adversity Scholarship- $1,000 due 5/31 *Rise Up Baking Scholarship- $1,500 due 5/31 *Niche 2K No Essay College Scholarship- $2,000 due 5/31 *Nitro Scholarship- $2,000 due 5/31 *College Scholarship for High School Students- 5/31 *Full Circle Scholarship- $15,000 due 5/31

Dream Iowa Scholarship

Due 5/1/22 This scholarship is to provide monetary support for immigrant students pursuing higher education

Pearl Hull Falk Scholarship for University of Iowa

$5,000, Due 5/2/22

Applicants must be...

*Of Protestant faith *resident of State of Iowa *full-time student of U of I in 2023-24 school year

2022 Robert D. Blue Scholarship

Due 5/10/22 Application Process The application is only accepted online.

*Before beginning the application process, it is recommended to have the following available to you:

  • Transcripts: high school and/or higher education
  • Federal tax return(s): If you are claimed as a dependent, your parent’s or guardian’s return(s). If you are not claimed as a dependent, you and your spouses’ return(s)
  • Awards/Grants: Statement of awards/grants you will receive from the college financial aid office
  • Recommendations: The name and addresses of two people, other than family members, that are willing to write a letter of recommendation on your behalf
  • Essay: an original 500-word essay on the topic described above

While the application is only accepted online, the following must be submitted by mail after completing the application:

  • Signed signature page: This will be generated after completing the application
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Award letter from the college: If the student is not receiving financial aid, please submit a letter from the college stating financial aid will not be granted
  • Transcript(s): High school and college if student is currently attending college

Documentation should be mailed to:  Michael L. Fitzgerald Treasurer of State Robert D. Blue Scholarship State Capitol Building Des Moines, IA 5031

PB&J Scholarship

$1,000, Due 5/30/22

Students who have experienced personal challenges that may not have allowed them to perform well academically, but who still have the drive to succeed.
Examples of personal challenges include, but are not limited to:

  • medical issues
  • peer issues: bullying, change of school, minority status, etc.
  • family issues: divorce, death, lack of income, homelessness, foster care, abuse, etc
    When in doubt, students are encouraged to apply; this scholarship is meant to be inclusive.