Information for Registering Student Athletes

Hello South Hamilton Middle School/High School Students and Families!

It is time to register your student athlete for the 2023-2024 school year.  Our conference started using Varsity Bound for our activities schedule and registry program last year, so many of us are still getting used to it and for some it will be completely new.  Here is some information about the program to help us get started this year. Registrations are now open!

Varsity Bound

You can access the schedule of events and the registration portal from either your computer at​schools/southhamiltonor from the Varsity Bound app on your phone. We highly recommend adding the Varsity Bound app to your phone to get the quickest updates for schedules and team stats.   You can also access Varsity Bound from our school website atwww.shhawks.netunder "Activity Calendar" in the list of quick links on the right-hand side.

Physical Reminder

Student athletes must have a current sports physical form uploaded into Varsity Bound in order to participate in practices and games. During the registration process you can upload a picture of the physical form from your phone or computer. If your student's physical is still current and already uploaded into the Varsity Bound program, it will show up when registering, and you won't need to upload a new one until it expires. If you need to get a physical, please try to make your appointment early.  The physical form is attached, and it is helpful to have your information filled out before arriving at the appointment.  Reminder emails will automatically be sent to you from Varsity Bound when it is time for a new physical.

Athletic Registration

Registration will open tomorrow, July 1st, for all 7-12 athletics for the 2023-2024 school year.  We recommend registering your child at this time for ALL activities they may participate in this year.  If they choose not to participate after that, their name can easily be removed from the activity roster.  This way you will not have to keep going back to registrations for each sports season.

Below are also two attachments to help get you started with registration.  The first attachment includes a QR code that can be scanned from your phone and will take you directly to the site and the link for use from a computer.  The second attachment includes step-by-step instructions for registering.

If you add the Varsity Bound app to your phone and/or use the QR code to get started, you will need to click on the three lines in the upper right hand corner and type in "South Hamilton".  On the South Hamilton page, you'll find a box at the top labeled "Notifications".  Please enter your information there and select any updates you'd like to receive via email or text regarding game schedule changes and ticketing for events.

We appreciate everyone's patience as we navigate through the new program and look forward to a great upcoming year of activities! Once again, attached below is a copy of the physical form, the QR code to start the registration process, and a step-by-step tutorial from Varsity Bound.

Activity Registration QR Code:​d/​1XmQYbsna5NHXxEK7PW5zFmYxIBijs​CtW/view?usp=sharing

Step-by-Step Registration Instructions​d/​1HQ0mFnYbEMrD6tGcgDSYQOulEZ6OX​Pby/view?usp=sharing

Athletic Physical​content/uploads/2023/03/2022-​PPE-Form-Cover-3.13.23.pdf

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